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Carisma, as a company, is dedicated to making meaningful contributions to society through various initiatives. Our commitment to social responsibility is evident in our extensive philanthropic efforts. Over the years, we made substantial donations to several organizations and causes, demonstrating our dedication to creating a positive impact.


Carisma donated 1500 limited-edition keychains as a token of our appreciation for the first 1500 generous pledges of over 300 euros, valuing a total contribution of €52,485.

Individuals Facing Health Problems

Prominent contributions, such as offering financial aid to individuals confronting health obstacles, involved giving €3,500 to Kate Ferriggi, who suffers from Tatton Brown Rahman Syndrome, and €1,000 to Yasmine's Journey.

Ursuline Sisters of St. Angela Merici

During the festive season of Christmas, our hearts were filled with the spirit of giving, prompting us to extend a gesture of kindness to the Ursuline Sisters of St. Angela Merici. Recognizing the invaluable work they do for the community, we decided to contribute €1,500 in vouchers to facilitate the purchase of clothes and toys for the children under their care. These vouchers were intended to not only provide essential items but also to bring joy and excitement to the children as they selected their own presents.

We are thrilled to continue our support for the Ursuline Sisters of St. Angela's with an additional donation of €3,500. This contribution reflects our ongoing commitment to their mission of serving the community with compassion and dedication. The Ursuline Sisters play a vital role in providing education, spiritual guidance, and support to those in need, enriching the lives of many.

Neolithic Collection

Our Neolithic Collection is a homage to the great people who came before us and have left the mark of their greatness inside each of us. Inspired by the wonderful temples at Ħagar Qim, which is not only a local site that we should be proud of but a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ‘Neolithic Collection’ brings together the many beautiful aspects of these sacred spaces. In recognition of the importance of heritage preservation, Carisma donated €10,000 to Heritage Malta for jewellery restoration services.

Jewellery Donations

Donations of €420 worth of jewellery were made to YMCA Malta and another jewellery donation to Għabex Co Aġenzija Appoġġ. These contributions reflect our commitment to supporting organizations that provide vital services to our community. YMCA Malta offers valuable programs and resources to empower young people and promote their well-being, while Għabex Co Aġenzija Appoġġ provides essential support to individuals and families facing difficult circumstances. Through these donations, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those served by these organizations, helping to foster a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

Malta Community Chest Fund

The MCCF (Malta Community Chest Fund) received a substantial donation of €1,770, reinforcing their pivotal role in providing financial assistance and support to Maltese citizens facing hardships, promoting social welfare and inclusivity across the nation.

Ġmielek Collection

Launched in collaboration with local, renowned songstress Claudia Faniello who is extremely passionate about her role as a Learning Support Assistant, the ‘Ġmielek Collection’ celebrates the beauty of being uniquely you. Since CARISMA launched, our focus has been on celebrating diversity and self-love, and the ‘Ġmielek Collection’ is a culmination of our ethos. From braille to sign language pieces to sparkly designs made to make you stand out of the crowd, this collection is a fabulous celebration of what makes us all extraordinary.

Malta Dyslexia Addociation

Malachite CARISMA symbol pendant is a wonderful tribute to all those who live with dyslexia. Launched in collaboration with Claudia Faniello, the ‘Ġmielek Collection’ is a delightful reminder of the beauty in the little differences that make each of us unique. To further show our dedication to the cause, a €250 donation was given to the Malta Dyslexia Association.

Deaf People Association

Intricately designed to look like a hand signing ‘I love you’, this hand pendant sends a magnificent message of inclusion to everyone who sees it. String it on any of our CARISMA chains or perhaps even one of our bracelets, and show the world that there is more than one way to show love. A donation of €250 was given to the Deaf People Association to further help raise public awareness.

ADHD Malta Association

the ADHD pendant is colourful and vibrant. With its different-hued crystals placed in an infinity symbol and its wonderfully positioned CARISMA symbols, the ‘ADHD Pendant’ is the perfect piece to express uniqueness. In the hopes of continuing to raise awareness about ADHD, a donation of €250 was given to ADHD Malta Association.

Malta Guide Dogs Foundation

Chic and minimalistic, this lovely piece has a beautiful message reading ‘Ġmielek’ on its rectangular plaque. A wonderful reminder of the loveliness in simplicity, the ‘Braille Ġmielek Necklace’ shows us that beauty can be found everywhere as long as we are open to experiencing it. As part of the 'Ġmielek' campaign, a donation of €250 was given to the Malta Guide Dogs Foundation.

Puttinu Cares Foundation

A generous donation of €2,000 has been made to Puttinu Cares Foundation, a remarkable organization dedicated to supporting families facing the challenges of childhood cancer. This contribution will go towards providing vital assistance, including accommodation, transportation, and emotional support, to families navigating the difficult journey of childhood illness.

Karl Vella Foundation

Another initiative involved partnering with the Karl Vella Foundation to provide lockets to children who lost a parent due to terminal illness, reflecting our compassion and understanding of the challenges faced by individuals in difficult circumstances.

LifeCycle Malta Foundation

A generous contribution of €1,000 was extended to the LifeCycle Malta Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting individuals facing various health challenges. This donation will aid in providing assistance to those in need, ensuring they receive the necessary support and resources to navigate their health journeys effectively.

Resilient Women

Made in gorgeously contrasting red and blue enamel, the ‘Resilience Pendant’ was made in collaboration with the Book and documentary titled - "Resilient mothers: Conversations about mastering life". The project involves 15 women from all walks of life and 15 incredible stories. It is a celebration of a host of life trajectories and narratives of women who, despite all life’s difficulties and often insurmountable obstacles, were still successful in what they set out to achieve by finding their own personal work and life balance. We donated 100 pendants to be given to the first 100 buyers of the book, underscoring our commitment to empowering and uplifting various segments of the community.

Allied Rainbow Communities - ARC

We are proud to announce that as part of our Pride campaign and collection launch, we have made a heartfelt donation of €1,000 to Allied Rainbow Communities (ARC). ARC plays a crucial role in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and providing support to the community in Malta and beyond. This donation reflects our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusivity, and we stand in solidarity with ARC's mission to create a more accepting and supportive environment for all individuals.

RAR Foundation

The RAR Foundation received a generous donation of €400, contributing towards their efforts in supporting underprivileged communities through education and healthcare initiatives.

Aġenzija Sedqa

Aġenzija Sedqa received a €950 donation, bolstering their mission to provide assistance and rehabilitation services to individuals and families affected by substance abuse, fostering a healthier society.

Friends of the Earth Malta

Introducing our Farfett tal-Fejġel Collection, a heartfelt tribute to the enchanting Maltese Swallowtail, known locally as Il-Farfett tal-Fejġel. Friends of the Earth Malta received a donation of €500, amplifying their advocacy for environmental conservation and sustainability practices in Malta, ensuring a greener future for generations to come.

Hospice Malta

Hospice Malta received a €100 gift voucher, providing comfort and care to terminally ill patients and their families during challenging times, embodying compassion and dignity in end-of-life care.

Esther Sant's Foundation

Esther Sant's Foundation was granted a €300 donation, empowering their endeavors to uplift vulnerable individuals, particularly children and the elderly, through welfare programs and community support initiatives.

Moviment Missjunarju Gesù fil-Proxxmu 

A generous donation of €500 was given to the Moviment Missjunarju Gesù fil-Proxxmu. The aim of the movement is to give a better life to so many children living on the streets of Brazil, Ethiopia, and Kenya. This contribution will support their ongoing efforts in providing aid and services to those in need.

San Gejtanu Band Club

Carisma donated €1,000 to the San Gejtanu Band Club in Ħamrun in memory of Carlos and Martina's late grandfather, Alphonse Farrugia, who was the president of this band club. In addition to this donation, Carisma launched a collection dedicated to Alphonse Farrugia. As the President of the 'Għaqda tal-Mużika San Gejtanu,' he greatly influenced Carlos and Martina's love for the Festa and was a remarkable presence in their lives.

The Marigold Foundation

Carisma donated €2,000 to the Marigold Foundation from the proceeds of the Kuraġġ Collection. This collection was launched to give courage to those who are fighting breast cancer. In addition to the monetary donation, pins from this collection were donated to the Marigold Foundation to be given to women who are fighting this battle.