Carisma Meets Simone Gauci


Hot on the heels of the launch of the video of her new single 'Maħbub', which is dedicated to Ġorġ Aguis or L-Għannej tal-Mulej as he was most widely known, Simone Gauci sits down with CARISMA and speaks about the milestones in her singing career and how wearing the right jewellery pieces empower the wearer.
“I started singing at the age of 12. I would take part in school plays and the choir. I realised how much I enjoyed it, and I started taking every opportunity to do so. I started participating in local festivals such as ‘L-Għanja tal-Poplu’, and I won the Euro Pop Competition in Prague. As you can imagine, this was a huge morale boost.”
From the very beginning of her career, any singles that Simone released were strictly for competition purposes, in fact, ‘Maħbub’ is not only the first single that she released by itself, but it is also the very first time that she has released a music video for a song as well. So, what was it about the subject of the song that compelled her to make this move? “I have always had to feel a song to be able to sing it. I was working on another song when we heard the news that Ġorġ had passed away and me and Emil Calleja Bayliss put aside what we were working on and decided to work on a new song about Ġorġ. I have always admired him; apart from the fact that he had a heart of gold, he was always ready to give others the gift of his time. As someone who always fights to fit more things into my day, I know more than anyone how important time is. It is a beautiful thing to be able to give so much of it to others. I was also touched by his story because of my dad. It’s been 15 years since I lost him, but I vividly remember his stories about Ġorġ from the meetings that they would attend together. I believe that ultimately if you bring positive vibes into the world, then you will be happy too.”
When speaking about other things which make her happy, Simone cites friendship and feeling self-assured both on and off stage as two other aspects of her life which are very important: “I first got to know about the CARISMA brand through my close friend Julia, and to be honest my sister and I have been supporters since the launch last year. Apart from the fact that the brand is local and integrates Maltese symbolism into it, I also love how bold the pieces are. I adore chunky statement pieces, so it’s lovely to see a local brand embrace that aesthetic. Everyone knows how much I love their stuff, so my sister gave me an “Sister” necklace, and my boyfriend gave me a charm bracelet. These pieces are sentimental to me. I received the Maltese Lira choker and matching earrings as a gift, and I get this amazing rush of joy every time I wear them. Ultimately, people fall in love with brands because of the way they make them feel, and I think that CARISMA succeeds at making people feel vibrant, confident, and like their beauty is enhanced.”
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