Gaia Cauchi – A remix for Carisma, a new single & Valentine’s Day Stories

Gaia is the singer of the remix of the Maltese classic ‘L-imhabba’ (1972), exclusively recorded for Carisma’s latest campaign. We caught up with her, and asked her about her personal experience of Valentine’s and about her new single to be released in few days.
Download Gaia's Version of "L-imħabba" HERE 
This Valentine’s Day, our very own Pop Princess Gaia Cauchi will be releasing a new song entitled ‘Message’, CARISMA speaks to her about her best and worst Valentine’s Day stories and the message that she wants to send in her brand new song.
“I have a very awkward memory of Valentine’s Day and it’s stayed with me,” Gaia begins. “My first ever date was actually on Valentine’s Day and it wasn’t pleasant. I’m naturally quite shy and I’ve always had a thing about eating in front of people I don’t know; the first time I was taken on a date, I was not only taken to a restaurant, but I hated the food there. It was so horrible. I stayed friends with the guy I went out with, but the memory still makes me cringe.”
Although her first memory of Valentine’s Day isn’t a great one, Gaia firmly believes that the day can be really lovely with the right person: “It’s nice to feel loved on a day where love is being celebrated but I think it’s important to be loved and respected all year round. I’m not a people person so my ideal Valentine’s Day would be spent far away from everyone somewhere like Bali. I love receiving soft toys and flowers, but again, I feel like flowers shouldn’t just be reserved for special occasions. It’s nice to give your loved one small reminders of how much you care every so often.”
Speaking about some of her more mysterious Valentine’s Day encounters, Gaia reminisces about one particular admirer who found a way to show his appreciation a few years ago: “I had been chatting with a guy on the internet for some time but we had never met. Then, on Valentine’s Day my intercom went off and I went downstairs to find a soft toy, balloon, and card. The balloon lasted for two years till it accidentally flew out of my bedroom window. It was a very sweet gesture but to be honest, I’m always concerned about dating people who follow me on social media because it can be hard to know who to trust. That said, when I went out with people in the same industry as me, it wasn’t easy either because although they understand the job better than anyone else, you also get a lot of unwanted attention. It puts a lot of pressure on the relationship.”
So, what’s her next song about? “My new song ‘Message’ is based on something that I and many others have been through: the realisation that a relationship has come to an end. In it, I say that I wrote a message to say that I don’t need you in my life anymore. It’s a powerful ballad that you can sing loudly in the shower to or cry in your car to. When it comes to love, I always give all of myself to the other person that’s why I have to be sure when I tell someone that I love them. It’s important to say words of love only when and if you mean them.”
Will she be saying words of love this Valentine’s Day? “I will definitely be talking about love this Valentine’s Day because I’m releasing the video for my song,” she says shyly. “But yes, I am definitely excited about what the day will bring too!”
‘Message’ will be released on 11th February with the accompanying music video being released three days later on the 14th.

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